New features

We regularly update Livequestion. Discover below the updates and new features classified by date. If you would like to participate and suggest new features, feel free to send us a e-mail. Thank you in advance for your participation and suggestions!

The comments have arrived!

You can now comment on questions 🤘

Look for questions

It is now possible to search for questions directly from the home feed. The engine also displays the results of completed questions!

Redesign of the feed pages

After 149 modified files and 3000 lines of code later, all question and member feed pages have been reviewed to make the most of our API. For a faster use of the platform! 😄

Christmas is over 😥

Christmas is coming to an end, but don't worry, Livequestion continues to offer gifts to reward your participation. You were notably 1200 people to participate in the Google Home lottery! Many thanks to all of you 😀

The lotteries are here!

Each member who answers at least 1 question is automatically registered. The more you participate the more you increase your chances of winning! 😄

It's Christmas 🌲☃️

Falling snow and a new logo to accompany you during this festive period.

Daily emails of completed questions change format

The main image of each question as well as the number of votes enriches the mail, more fun to read.

The mobile version is evolving

You now have access to the number of points available on your account at the top of the site. You will know how many people you can ask :)

Increased visibility on search engines!

An optimization of the referencing has been done on the site, for a better visibility on your search engine.

New email address

To improve email availability, all emails regarding your account configuration will be sent from [email protected].

The site even faster!

As you know, new features are constantly coming and it is important for us to always keep an optimal user experience. We have just migrated the infrastructure and added application caches for an even faster site!


The group functionality has finally arrived! Join interest groups through groups. No group on your theme? Create your own :)

Filter members by their ranking

You can now filter members in the community by their ranking :)

My friends

"My private contacts" become "My friends".

Your invitations received are now available in a dedicated page.

Ask yourself to the other members

You can now subscribe to the pages and members of the site, be alerted to each new question!

Like questions

Do you have any questions? You can now liker them :)

Member photos

Photos of members are displayed with a better rendering.

New flags

We take new countries into account in the synthesis of questions.

Even more compact questions !

We have changed the titles of the questions to 140 characters.

Compact display of questions

Questions are displayed in different formats depending on the information provided when the question was created.

Flow migration in ReactJS

It's more beautiful and above all faster! The flow of questions is now done in ReactJS ;)

New symbols

7 new symbols enrich the current list for your choice of answers!

Filter your statistics by choice !

On your question syntheses, filter the results by answer choice. There is not always a right answer!

Your profile page evolves

Improvements have been made on your profile page, check it out!

Fill in your biography

You can fill in a biography on your profile. Don't worry, it's also available for pages ;)

You can close a question

As a points deficit? Close your questions more quickly and recover unused points.

Add Push Notifications

You now receive alerts in your browser when one of your questions ends, when one of your friends asks you a question etc.

You are asked to specify your gender

After answering 10 questions, you will be asked to specify your gender if it has not been entered. You will receive more relevant questions.

New filters available !

New filters are available in the My Questions and Answers pages.

Infrastructure update

Update of the PHP version, database and application kernel.

Improvement of homepage

The homepage now offers 2 tabs: 1 to connect, 1 to register. Easier, faster !

Onboarding at registration

A small dialog box appears after your registration to help you discover in 3 steps how Livequestion works.

End of the Early Access phase

Registration is now open to everyone.

Add an API

Even faster, we introduce ReactJS into the project connected to an API we created for it.

Free private questions

Questions you ask to your friends are now free ;)

Example page for organisations

Added a sample page of questions for organizations to give them some ideas.

Archiving of old questions

Questions older than one year are now archived.

Sticky menu added

The navigation bar remains at the top of your screen when you scroll.

Daily email regarding ended questions

And email is sent to you each day if you have answered questions that ended the day before.

SEO Optimisation

Improvement of the website visibility on search engines.

Displaying answers in the feed after answering

You see directly the results to the questions you answer in the flow.

Example page

Added a page of sample questions for individuals to give them some ideas.

Copy/Paste images into the question creation form

You can now copy an image to your computer and paste it into the choices.

First public stable version of Livequestion