Sample questions

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Below are sample questions by profile to help you understand the diversity of uses. They are almost endless, especially if you target people by country, age, gender or interest!

garlic78 answers on 100 expected

14 November, 9:35 AM Logo, visual identity

mybeauty421 answers on 500 expected

14 November, 9:33 AM Marketing

Matte black version

Pearl pink version

Pearl white version

highcars681 answers on 1,000 expected

14 November, 9:32 AM Automobile

smartkitchex438 answers on 600 expected

14 November, 9:32 AM Decoration

tvlive1,874 answers on 2,000 expected

14 November, 9:31 AM Public personality

William Stone

Steve Roberson

Elodie Manson

3dprintchild4,874 answers on 5,000 expected

14 November, 9:30 AM Hi-tech

Less than $70
Between $71 and $90
Between $91 and $110
Between $110 and $150
More than $151
ezcoffy785 answers on 800 expected

14 November, 9:28 AM House, deco, design

mickael997 answers on 1,000 expected

14 November, 9:27 AM Alimentation, food

gitebleuets438 answers on 600 expected

14 November, 9:29 AM Decoration