Discover the social network

Livequestion offers a very simple concept: you win points each time you give your opinion to another member. You can then use these points to ask questions and get advices for free. Then, you progress by leveling up, making you win bonus points.

You can target people who can answer your questions by age, gender, language, country or interests. You can also ask personal questions to your private contacts. Creating pages for brands, groups, charities is also possible to create communities.

2. Answer the questions

Once you are logged in, you can answer the questions that appear in the feed. Simply click on the option corresponding to your opinion. Well done, you just won your first point! You also earn bonus points when you reach experience levels.

The questions that appear by default are asked in your language. However, you can filter members' questions more precisely: by language, country, gender or category.

Don't forget to complete your profile to match the questions to your interests.
Fill in a bio and put a picture on your profile, it's cool!

4. Access the statistics

As an author, you have access to detailed statistics of your questions at any time.

You will discover the distribution by sex, age and country. This will allow you to better analyze, understand and appreciate the answers obtained.

You can even filter the statistics on each answer to find out more precisely who answered what. Powerful!