About us

Who are we?

Livequestion is a company created in 2018 by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, sharing the same values ​​that are united around a vision and a conviction, that of being able to propose a new kind of social network that meets a universal need: to be able to ask questions in a very quick and easy way by targeting a category of people to raise a doubt or help us make a choice when we need it, whether privately or professional.

Our ambition

While some social networks share photos, videos, or instant messages, Livequestion focuses on sharing opinions and tips. Only simple and closed questions can be asked (only one question at a time with 5 possible answers max). Members respond spontaneously to questions in a continuous flow in seconds without having to type the answers to the keyboard since you just have to click on one of the options.

Livequestion is revolutionizing the way you collect reviews by reinventing the user experience. It allows each member to say what he likes and thinks by earning points each time he offers his opinion. With the points earned, he can then ask his own questions when needed, all for free.

It is also possible to create private or public groups to create communities of interest about specific subjects (video games, cinema, photography, series, computer science, graphic design, etc.). Finally, to encourage members to come back as regularly as possible, a lottery organised once or several times a month makes it possible to win gifts. The chances of winning are proportional to participation: members who answer the most questions and ask questions themselves are favoured. But everyone can win, even with only 1 opinion given!


The examples are numerous, anyone can find a private or professional interest in use Livequestion when you want to:

- Get objective advice from people who will not hesitate to actually say what they think, unlike family and friends who most often tell us what we want to hear.

- Get advice very quickly, to help us choose a gift for a loved one for example.

- Get outside advice to separate opinions, from a group of people where everyone wants to impose their opinion or think it is the most representative.

- Satisfy your curiosity by asking questions to better understand other people and cultures of the world, thanks to the targeting by sex, age, language and country that allows to ask questions to very specific segments of the population.

- For a public figure, an artist, an association or a politician who wants to get a quick feedback of his community when submitting a project or idea.

- Lastly, for a company that is seeking advice from its prospects or customers when it launches a new product and wants to evaluate its interest in its market.

We are sure that the community of Livequestion members will surprise us and will be very creative to ask fun, relevant and original questions.

Your opinion matters, it is valuable. Make the world enjoy it.

The company

Livequestion SAS
128 rue de la Boétie
75008 Paris

SIRET: 83509404600017
NAF: 6201Z
VAT N°: FR3835094046

Our partners

OVH, hosting/cloud services
Livequestion is part of the Digital Launch Pad Startups program

Payplug, Secured CB payment solution
Banque Populaire, Financial services

The team

Jeff Martins-Jacquelot, CEO/CTO
Adrien Turcey, back dev
Jonathan Cholet, front dev

Contact us

[email protected]

Feel free to send us an email to let us know what you think about Livequestion. We will answer all messages.

Livequestion has been created for you. Your involvement is essential to improve it so that it can deliver the maximum of services to the members.